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Delhi-Born Model Marina Kuwar is the personification of true, self-made sensation who knew early in her life that she was destined to work in the world of fashion and show business.

Gorgeous Green Eyes, Brahmin fair looking Indian beauty from Delhi. An Animal Lover and Charity Worker. Now conquering Mumbai Modeling World, famous face with commercial advertising and soon joining Bollywood.

Acheivement: Runner up of the Life Style Magazine-MASXIM 2013 Royal Stag with SHARUKH KHAN, SAIF ALI KHAN, KUNAL KAPOOR for JAIHIND.

          My Magazine work includes Wedding affair magazine, Open magazine, Fragrance night wear, Bikini calendar shoot superior 50000 beer

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Marina Kuwar Female Model Mumbai

In my earlier stage of life being a model or an actor was near a choice of profession for me. I started my career as a marketing Executive in a US based MNC with a 5 figured salary, luxurious lifestyle and an offer to choose a workplace either in US or UK. My life was completely set but the satisfaction which one gets from their work was missing from my life. I was unhappy with the kind of job I was doing and wanted to pursue a career in some other field. That field happened to be modeling and acting for me.

Since good looks where God gifted to me I had always dreamed about myself as an Actor, I use to visualize myself acting and singing in movies. The saying "Everything happens twice - once in our mind and then in reality" turned out true for me.

Finally I started my Modeling career in Delhi, with PrintMedia, along with which I was managing my Marketing job as I knew that initially in a Glamour world it is difficult to survive and one needs to have another source of income. I use to manage my work life along with my modeling career and my family responsibilities.

Eventually the day arrived where I had to make a choice between my marketing job and modeling. At that time I was totally confused. At one side I had my dream, my ambition and on the other side I had my living, my job. There were many questions bombarding in my mind, what if? I choose modeling and I do not succeed. How will I support my family? All this and many more… A complete havoc. Confusion … Confusion… But then there was also a tiny ray of hope, what if I succeed? What if I was meant for this?

With all this confusion I made a final decision and decided to follow my dream. I started a new career, a new life… My Modeling Profession began with CANON in Delhi along with many other Print Media assignments and Ad shoots. Slowly the time to grow more in the modeling world arrived for me, I wanted a bigger name and a successful career in the glamour world and for all this I knew I had to be in Mumbai.

Mumbai! the dream city of every aspiring actor and model. Many successful actors and models have started their career from Mumbai.

So here I was, Marina Kuwar, in Mumbai! Filled with confidence and a cute smile on my face to became an Female Model in Mumbai, to be an Actor, to be a Producer.

When I arrived in Mumbai I was completely relaxed as I had experience of working in many shows in Delhi. I thought it will be easy for me to get into the Glamour World of Mumbai, but I was completely wrong.

"Yeh hai Mumbai meri Jaan yaha paisa se jyada phechan chalti hai."

And I didn’t have this so called "phechan" nor did I have any big name associated with me like many other new comers of this industry. I started going for screening test, waited in long queues, visited many producers, director’s, advertisement offices and at times single office many times but got the same answer "aaj nahi kal aao". There were times when I even came across the Dark World of Glamour or the so called Casting Couch. It was a horror dream. I came across people who would offer me roles only if I exposed myself to them, this type of incident generally happens with female Model. I was shocked to the core with all such incidents. But then I never lost hope and confidence in myself. I was here to achieve my dream and that too based on my talent. My path was straight, and I knew I had to achieve my dreams with hard work and talent and not with wrong means. I kept on visiting their offices and finally got my break with Shahrukh Khan in Royal Stag advertisement. It was a multi star advertisement where I got chance to work with Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan. With this my career got on track.

I have worked with many big brands like Standard Chartered Bank 2013 TV Advertisement, Benetton, Pantaloons, Sony Laptops, Canon Camera, Volkswagen Cars, La Senza, Star Magazine, Reality Shows on V Channel, India Today Issue Cover Page, Music Video with Labh Janjua,Tommy Hilfiger,Hindustan Times,Images Bazaar, Bride & Style,Designer Shoot for Navneet ,Royal Diamonds & Fashion show's,, Monte Carlo, many more......

I was even chosen for India Today FHM Magazine Cover Page, this was one of my biggest achievements, but on the other side it gave me a tag of Bikini Model. I started getting many offers from big brands for typical bikini shoots which I denied as I wanted to prove thatI was not a typical bikini model, that I was multi talented. Today I am working with big brands which are into Manufacturing of traditional wears .

Some of my Achievement:

Royal Stag with Shahrukh Khan
Cover Model for India Today
Runner-up MASXIM
Ad Shoot with Kunal Kapoor

My future Plan

I want to be an Actor cum Producer and my role model is Ekta Kapoor, Deepak Tejori, Acting is my profession but long term goal is to be a producer. I am a big Fan of TOM, Angelina, many more..

I wish to setup a proper NGO to help struggling actors and models, give them proper guideline, so they never lose their confidence and break down in front of the dark world of glamour, and also so that they don’t choose the path of Prostitution.

Social Life as an Female Model

I love Cars specially sports car, so I do visit exhibition of Cars, (you can check my pic in facebook profile)

I believe in Praying, it helps me a lot directly or indirectly, to keep my mind calm, protect me from Negative Energy, and fills me with Positive energy. It helps me to surround myself with good people. I am very fond of my health, I believe in health first, if you are healthy your mind will be healthier, to keep yourself healthy eat healthy food and exercise, during free time you will find me in GYM, I regularly workout to keep myself healthy and fit, I also share my health tips and if need some you can follow me on Facebook Page.

I like watching the English Series such as Two and half man, Friends, How I met your Mother, and list goes on…….. You can check my work towards the society and stray animals click here to know more and pictures

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